The artist, Bobby Franano, showed prodigious talent in music and the visual arts from his earliest years. Bobby joined his brother’s band that became The Front, with Bobby playing keyboards and brother Michael on vocals.

The Front basically made a career out of doing the opposite of everything anybody tried to tell them to do, which eventually lead them to a contract with Columbia Records and manager, Doc McGhee.

The Front’s debut album was released in 1989/90. They broke a single, Fire, which charted in the top 40, and the video received heavy rotation on MTV. The Front toured the world, twice, with Lenny Kravitz, Alice Cooper, and Aerosmith, to name a few.

Bobby appeared in several videos on MTV and recorded on many albums, as well as designing 2 album covers. After The Front, Bobby continued to play with Jellyside Down, The Scott Rees Band, and recorded a demo with Clarence Clemmons before turning his attention back to painting.

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